• Output:
  • up to 27 packages/minute
  • Installated power:
  • 6,5 kW - 50 Hz - 400V
  • Air consumption:
  • 60 Nl/min - 6 bar
  • Scheda prodotto

The G09-126 is a weighing machine for non-delicate fruit and vegetable products such as: potatoes, onions, citrus fruits.
It can be used individually or as part of an operating line (with packaging machines, feed belts, etc.).


  •  Notched cleats elevator belt with product deposit hopper.
  • Conveyance of fruit with vibrating plates.
  • Infeed system by 9 vibrating channels.
  • Weighing system by 9 weighing hoppers, with double opening flap.
  • Belt conveyor to transfer the weighed produce to the downstream packaging machine.
  • Electronic panel for the automatic functions, complete with touch-screen and keyboard to enter the working parameters (weight, tolerance, etc.).

Each pack: from 0,5 to 25 kg.


  • pneumatic hopper for coupling with packaging machine.
  • doubled outlet conveyors to simultaneously discharge to three packaging machines.