A global, turnkey service for the processing of fruit and vegetable products

The Sorma Group is a multinational leader in the complete supply of automated machinery for the post-harvest of fruit and vegetable products and technical packaging materials. From 1973 to date, we have designed and promoted more than 200 models of machines and designed more than 60 packaging models, protected by 60 industrial patents developed by the various R&D centres. During our 50 years of history, we have developed 10 production sites for a total of 105,000 square metres, 6 dedicated to the design and construction of machines and 4 specialised in printing, extrusion and the weaving of flexible packaging. The strategic choice coupled with our entirely verticalised production processes allows us to guarantee the numerous packers a complete, timely service.

Our story

  • Sorma spa

    Italy, Cesena

  • Sormaf

    France, Cavaillon

  • Netpack

    Italy, Cesena

  • Sorma Iberica

    Spain, Valencia

  • Sormaf Val de Loire

    France, Angers

  • S&B

    Germany, Altenstadt

  • Invention of net Vertbag

    This package increased air circulation, thus extending shelf life; Further more thanks to the addition of the band it reduced the greening of the potatoes caused by light

  • Sormaf Sud-Ouest

    France, Montauban

  • Manip’ Fruit

    France, Cavaillon

  • Sormaf North

    France, Fère-Champenoise

  • MNLG S.R.L.

    Italy, Cesena

  • Sorma Benelux

    The Netherlands, s’Gravenzande

  • Amros

    Turkey, Izmir

  • Launch of Mono-Polymer line

    Fully recyclable packages

  • FilePack

    Turkey, Izmir

  • Sormaf Maroc

    Morocco, Agadir

  • Sormaf Grand Ouest

    France, Saint-Pol-De-Leon

  • Sorma Gpack

    Turkey, Antalya

  • Sorma USA

    North America, Visalia

  • Sorma Interamericana

    Brazil, Limeira

  • Sorma Iberica

    Chile, Cerillos

  • Invention of Sormabag

    The mono-material and completely recyclable packaging that has replaced the non-recyclable packaging with the metal clip and wineglass label, composed of 4 distinct materials

  • TecnoSorma

    Founded in 2005 and acquired in 2017 by Sorma Group

  • Presentation of the Compostable line

    Composed exclusively of EN13432 certified compostable raw materials

  • Invention of Sormapeel line

    We have on average reduced plastic use by 35% by replacing it with an equivalent quantity of renewable materials, FSC certified paper. The innovation is given by a peelable band that allows, once the paper layer is separated from the internal PE or PP film, to recycle the mono-materials in their respective bins. Furthermore, to adopt these bands it is not necessary to change the packaging machines

  • Development of SormaPaper line

    This line completed the Group’s offer. Renewable packaging, made of 100% FSC paper, allows all our customers to grant end consumers a plastic free packaging

  • Creation of Hyper Vision optical system

    9 cameras/lane: 100% inspection rate, surface and internal defects, size/colour and shape. We sort 15 pieces per second by taking 108 images of each individual piece of produce.

  • Invention of the new Paper Vertbag

    The first pack in the world having the same visibility and breathability features as classic Vertbag, capable of being made by the same machine. It is a plastic free model completely made of FSC cellulose.

  • Perù, Lima

    Sorma Iberica Perù