Sorma Usa

In October 2012, in Visalia in central California, one of the world’s most important agricultural regions, Sorma Usa was established, the group’s thirteenth company.

From this strategic pole, we can easily reach all the major citrus fruit, fruit and avocado producers from north California through to Mexico, assuring them a prompt, quality service. America is a territory that offers great potential but which requires a quick, precise, tailored service. These needs, which are effectively a perfect match for our DNA, have driven us to install all the machinery necessary to complete the cycle for flexographic printing in up to 10 colours. Printing, lamination, cutting and quality control are carried out 100% in-house, supervised by our specialised technicians who can guarantee top quality and reliability. We also have large stocks of machinery and spare parts, thereby here too guaranteeing an effective, efficient service.