• Output:
  • up to 40 packages/minute
  • Installated power:
  • 11 kW - 50 Hz - 400V
  • Air consumption:
  • 100 Nl/min - 6 bar
  • Scheda prodotto

The CP814ML is an weighing machine for delicate fruit such as apples.
It can be used individually or as part of an operating line (with packaging machines, feed belts, etc.).
Suitable for weighing of soft fruit and vegetables, with dimensions: min. 35mm, max 85mm.
Composed by:

  • double rear vibrating platform complete of covering with brushes, for the homogeneous distribution of products to the 14 vibrating channels;
  • 14 independent vibrating channels feeding, with transport on soft brushes;
  • precontainers for the fast feeding of weighing stations;
  • 14 weighing stations with mobile soft belt conveyor in the two directions for elimination of products on the two discharge belts;
  • discharge belts for the dosing of fruit, covered with soft material in order to obtain a great care and an high productivity;
  • electronic cabinet controlled by microprocessor;
  • user interface with Touch-screen for the setting-up of working parameters (weight, tolerance, etc.), with icons representing the several operative functions of machine.