• Output:
  • Up to 15 fruits/sec
  • Installated power:
  • Variable
  • Air consumption:
  • Variable
  • Scheda prodotto

The sorting machine patented by Sorma Group that selects 15 pieces of fruit per second, based on internal and external quality and guarantees elimination of almost all defects, an unprecedented level of achievement on the market

Thanks to the exclusive SormaTech Hyper-Map system, the sorting machine processes up to 2160 images for every analysed piece of fruit. The result is a 360-degree view of the surface of the fruit, which makes it possible to detect, classify and counteract the smallest imperfection

Using SormaTech’s powerful deep learning algorithms and a large number of cameras: 9 for each sorting line, 3 colour cameras and 6 NIR cameras, featuring digital Ultra-HD technology.  HyperVision sorting machine analyses every point of the fruit’s skin over the entire bandwidth of visible and invisible light. The platform acquires and analyses superimposed hyperspectral images in both the visible region for each piece of fruit that rotates under the inspection system. This ensures the most accurate selection based on internal and external quality, colour and shape. Thanks to its technology, HyperVision makes it possible to discard fruit with over-ripe areas that cannot be detected by normal vision. This allows fruit and vegetable companies to organise export plans to international markets, ensuring full product quality assurance.

Another advantage of Sormatech sorting machines is the Linux operating system: faster, safer and immune to viruses compared to other more popular on the market. It ensures consistent performance over time and protection of privacy because it does not acquire sensitive data.

Finally, the Instandefect interface is simple and intuitive, allowing you to customize your fruit defect detection options by simply moving a cursor.

Sormatech Technologies for quality Sorting_2020_Hyper Vision