• Output:
  • up to approx. 24 packages/min
  • Installated power:
  • 8 kW - 50 Hz - 400V
  • Air consumption:
  • 1000 Nl/min - 6 bar
  • Scheda prodotto

Versatile, productive, manufactured in welded painted steed.
Intended to pack a vaste range of fruit and vegetables.

The machine makes net-packs with 2 lateral stripes of plastic film which can be personalized as per customer’s request.

The packs can be provided with:

  •  a standard handle (instead of the hollow-punch version).
  • an adhesive label, stuck onto one of the two plastic film stripes.

The following two options of welding can be offered: the net-pack with two plastic film stripes can be welded either on both long-sides, called a “Multipack”, or only on the lower and upper sides, in this case called “Sormapack” orwelded in the upper- and lower ends with short lateral bands, called “Sormapack Economico”.
All packs have the upper part hollow-punched, or provided with a handle. All knitted and extruded net on rolls or in box can be used, this reducing significantly the time-waste for filling-up of material. Completely controlled by microprocessor. Interface by touch screen with icons and pictures showing the various functions of the machine.


  • NET, either knitted or extruded, supplied on rolls or in boxes.
  • Lateral PLASTIC FILM width: 75mm / 90mm / 120mm / 145mm.
  • STANDARD HANDLE in high resistance tubular, pressed plastic.


  • “Multipack” Lateral plastic film stripes width: 75mm / 90mm / 120mm / 145mm.
  • “Sormapack” Lateral plastic film stripes width: 75mm / 90mm / 120mm.
  • Sormapack Economico Lateral plastic film stripes width: 75mm / 90mm.

Packaging :