• Output:
  • 25-30 bags/minute approx. on 1 Kg
    18-23 bags/minute on "CHEAP" type
  • Installated power:
  • 3 kW - 50 Hz - 400V
  • Air consumption:
  • 1000 Nl/min - 6 bar
  • Scheda prodotto

The machine has been designed for the packaging of fresh fruit and vegetables into knitted netting Sormapack bags with 2 thermal sealed side plastic bands (75 – 90 – 120mm. wide), from the top to the bottom of the bag.

This band customizes the produce as it can be printed with the logo of the packer and the information of the produce packed.
The hollow-punch in the upper side of the bag acts as handle.

Two tubes holding the netting (diameter 190 mm.) allow the automatic change of the tube, without stopping the machine, when the netting is finished onto the working tube. The electronic printer/labeler directly applies the adhesive label onto the side band.

Weight of the packs: 0,5 to 3 kg.

Packaging :